To act and operate exclusively as a public organization charity, nonprofit corporation pursuant to the laws of the state of Washington, and to act and operate as a community organization which serves to support impoverished American’s focusing on Native American’s with charitable programs that advance quality of life while promoting social dignity though relief of the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged.

 Honoring all paths of cultural and spiritual traditions.

Operating under the jurisdiction of a covenant with Creation.


Through the Traditional Ceremonies, Teachings, and Guidance of our Elders, we understand it is time to make a difference.
In order to systemically address issues of suicide, substance abuse, health disparities, and domestic violence, we must first address basic human necessities.

We gather blankets, coats, clothing and shoes; and purchase diapers, infant care products, hygiene products (laundry soap, soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine products) underwear, and socks i.e. “warmth,” and deliver it to Native children and elders who are most in need.

We have established a reputation of doing as we say we will do.

Often the calls we receive are for emergency aid, including but not limited to: suicide intervention, utility assistance, diapers or infant care products from their respected ICW and WIC programs, domestic violence intervention, and more.

 We connect with an individual or family that lives on the reservation, which gives us a local ambassador and helps to direct distribution to those with the greatest need.

Good Thinking 4 All Our Relations, was started by, common men seeking a way to lessen the hardships of the world on children. We know the healing of a smile on a mother’s face when her kids are clothed

Good Thinking 4 All Our Relations is returning the “GIVE AWAY“ ceremony.

Good Thinking 4 All Our Relations acts and operates exclusively, as a public charity, 501[c]3 nonprofit organization